Meet the Staff


Frankly, we have the best hostel staff on Swedish royal territory. (Maybe even in the world, with the risk of sounding conceited!) A professional blend of musicians, scientists and family people with an acquired taste for pop culture, backpacking and the latest gossip. Join our Facebook group and share experiences with us and other guests.

Let us introduce ourselves and our favourite places in Stockholm:



DJ who specializes in 70’s and 80’s groove. Is beginning to notice a shortage in gigs. Bought himself a hostel to have every day access to jammed toilets.

Favorite spot: Hötorgshallen, a food market. “I like the mix of restaurants and booths. You can look at food and you can eat food! This place has been here forever. It’s really Stockholm!”



Musician and former journalist who now spends her days as Chief of the City Backpacker Fun Squad. Check out her ska band, Bakelit, at

Favorite spot: Slussen, a traffic circle. “It's the perfect location for a street musician. Then I spend the money I made at my favourite club Debaser.



Brought up on Ornö, an inbreeded island in the Stockholm archipelago. Plays the ukulele. (Tried the banjo but failed.) Also performs as a singer songwriter, check out

Favorite spot: Kulturhuset, Sergels torg. “There's free exhibitions, and Designtorget is the perfect gift shop.”



Shopoholic with a passion for fashion. Would be tempted to leave the reception if you need a personal shopper!

Favourite spot: H&M Hamngatan, and Swedish design stores like Weekday and Monki.



Special crafts tutor who sings world music and owns an impressive collection of second hand dresses.

Favourite place: The boule bar at Närkesgatan.

"I love the combination of beer drinking and table hockey games at Boulebaren."



Favourite spot: Kungsträdgården, a poplular park with a free ice rink downtown.

“I like hanging out there in springtime when all the trees are in bloom. It's also fun to check out the concerts going on there!”



If you arrive at night you are likely to meet Johan. He speaks French and plays chess, and can teach you a thing or two about boxing. Such as where to find the best boxing clubs in town.



Israeli DJ and sound technician. If someone in reception is playing some dead cool song you've never heard, it's probably Sivan. Dislikes early mornings, unless she's stayed up all night. Absolute perfect for the night shift!



After working in several hotels in Sweden and Norway, she now feels that there's no place like home.

Favourite place: My verandah. “I live with six of my best friends, and in the summertime we have barbeques almost every day.”



Saxophone player with an unexpected amount of knowledge on fork lifts. Hooked on jazz and Game of Thrones. Excellent cook.

Favourite spot: Kafé Esaias, Drottninggatan 102, which was recently awarded a price for making one of the top five best espressos in the world. “But I spend most of my time in a garage at Sergels Torg - where I have a rehearsal room.”



Earlybird Ahmed is making the City Backpacker breakfasts almost every morning. The number one sweet tooth in the staff; has even been caught robbing his own kids off their Saturday candy!

Favourite spot: Kungsträdgården.



Design student with a passion for music and Stockholm night life. She’s the man if you want inside info before you go out.

Favourite place: Skvallertorget café at Midsommarkransen. "They have the best tuna sandwiches!"



Fake read head who looks, and sings, like a film star from the early 20th century. Ask her anything about movies from that period and you will get a free lecture!



Existencialist, free climber and sports freak.

Favourite spot: Korvspecialisten, a hot dog place at Nybrogatan. “Great if you are in to fine sausage. This is hot dog de luxe, you can not get a hamburger here!”



Educated in prestigious Stockholm School of Economics, Lars’ future is so bright he has to work the night shift. He spends his days in the neighbourhood cafés.

Favourite place: The old café Konditori Valand, Surbrunnsgatan 48. “Not a nail is changed since 1954, and the old man who built the interior still works there!”



As Chief of the City Backpacker Cleaning Squad, she has revolutionized the concept of hostel cleaning, and rendered us several awards.

Favourite place: Eriksdalsbadet, gym and adventure bath, where she works out while her daughter plays in the pool. "I have to exercise, because I love to eat. And I’m not going to stop eating!”



Although hired as breakfast staff, Nisse is frequently asked to sort out our computer problems. He stays calm through all sorts of messes, and patiently nurses the computers back to health, thus setting a wonderful example for the rest of us...



This sweet Anglo/Chinese/Swede deserves a name starting with ”charm”. Charmaine knows where to get the best afternoon tea in Stockholm, as well as the best Chinese food. A passionate photographer.

Favourite place in Stockholm: Fotografiska museet. “Awesome exhibitions!”



Hairdresser and Master of Meatballs, with a thing for karaoke singing and technical evolution. Any new gadget rendering images or noise will end up in his home. “I want a tower of technology!”

Favourite place in Stockholm: Tanto park in the summer.



Practically fluent in Chinese after a year in China. If that’s your next stop, he’s the guy you should talk to. Has a passion for coffee like you’ve never seen, and that helps him stay awake during the night shift.

Favourite place: Mariatorget. "The whole area has some good cafés and a nice vibe. And the view from Ivar Los Park is beautiful."



Our Kurdish co-worker who specializes in sewing and building. She uses her salary to build herself a house back home, and we use her skills to make sure you get shower curtains the right length!



Eternal student who got hooked on African dancing in Senegal. Speaks French.

Favourite place: Fjällgatan, and the vegetarian restaurant Hermans.

"I love going for walks there, and I always stop to glare at the view, every time."